Adventures With God – Part 2 (Autobiography)

"Finally Professor, people inevitably put labels on other people. If you had [chosen] to be given a label, what would it be? A slave to Christ!    Nothing else."   End of interview.

At the Theological Hall, I was soon teaching many subjects. Especially: Systematic Theology; History ofDoctrine; Ethics; and Apologetics. Later, also Church History was added to my workload — and Apologetics then relinquished to Part-Time Lecturers.

During my first year in Australia (1981), I also frequently preached in various churches — at Ascot, the College Chapel, St. Paul's, Cleveland, Caboolture, Mitchelton, Toowoomba, Mansfield, Annerley, Hurstville, Bexley, Cairns, Atherton, Mt. Tamborine, and my family's home church at Virginia-Banyo. I also took the Home Missionaries' Conference at Margate, and preached the General Assembly Communion Sermon (on Revelation 22:1-5).

Too, I addressed the Reformation Evangelism Conference — and preached at the Reformation Day Service (on Jeremiah 36:14-32). Most in the audience were appreciative Dutch Reformed, Presbyterian Reformed, Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia, and Presbyterian Church of Queensland Members. Yet Anglicans and Uniting Church Members as well as Evanjellyfish and `Charismatics'and Pentecostalists too were all very conspicuous –by their very absence!

– 65 –

Ialso spoke at several Church Camps (including theNewSouth Wales General Assembly Camp), and addressed Christian School Conferences. Too, I was the Chief Speaker at the World's First International Christonomic Conference in Wellington (with speakers from Australia and New Zealand and the United States).

My first attendance at the Queensland State Assembly (in 1981) was very memorable. The Report to that General Assembly of the Committee on Training for the Ministry under the heading "ProfessorofSystematicTheology" noted: "Following his appointment to this position in 1980 by this Assembly, Dr. Lee began the long and arduous process of moving to Australia. Wearethankful to ourmercifulGodWho providedinsomanyways so that Dr. Lee could arrive in Brisbane on the 3rd January 1981 and buy house, furniture and car all within three weeks.

"We truly welcome him and his family, and pray God's richest blessing upon them. Already we are grateful for his many contributions not only to the Hall [the Theological Seminary] but to the Church at large."

Among the latter, was my motion at the Presbytery of Brisbane around March 1981 on Genetic Engineering. Inter alia, that proposed "That this Presbytery affirms: a, that man alone is the image of God (Genesis 1:26-28 & 5:1-4); b, that God alone forms the spirit of man within him (Genesis 2:7 & Zechariah 12:1); c, that God alone should cover man in his mother's womb while his yet imperfect substance is being fashioned (Psalm 139:13-16 cf. Job 10:8-9); d, that marriageisthelife-longsexualcomingtogetherofonlytwo personsoftheoppositesex(Genesis 2:24 & Matthew 19:3-6 cf. Ephesians 5:22-23); e, that sexual intercourse and the resulting possible impregnation should take place only within marriage, so that both the father and the mother ofeachchild bornshould bethemarriagepartner responsibleforhisupbringing(Exodus 20:4-14&Psalms127-28&FirstThessalonians4:3-8);andf,thatGod'sCovenantrequiresthat its holy seed be born into or legally adopted by Christian homes of sexual partners legally marriedto one another (Hosea6:7-11;Genesis1:26-28f&17:7-27&FirstCorinthians7:1-16)."

It proposed further "That Presbytery accordingly affirm: a, that it encourages all people to become Christians and to adopt theChristian family ethic and to desireto reproducethe optimal number of covenant children within marriage alone; b, that it considers all children should be conceived only from married parents and in utero; c, that it warns against all human cloning, artificial insemination from donor, and in vitrio fertilisation as being illegitimate applications to unique man of the legitimate methods of animal husbandry; d, that it encourages humans to resort to artificial insemination from husband only if both spouses approve and if all normal sexualintercoursewithinmarriagefailsto producepregnancy;e,thatbarrencoupleswhoremain childless after all mutually-agreeable and ethically-acceptable attempts to produce pregnancy havefailed,joyfullyconcludethat theSovereignGod doesnotdesireto givethemcovenantseed of their own — and that they should then either (i) adopt other children, (ii) offer their help in the nurture and admonition of other couples' children, or (iii) dedicate their God-given time and talents to other areas."

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