Adventures With God – Part 2 (Autobiography)

AlsoProfessorBarker'swife,theSeminary'sSecretaryandAssistantLibrarianMrs.Marie Barker, would leave at the end of 1994. In myabsence, the Facultyand Committee on Training for the Ministryappointed myown youngerdaughterAnnamarieLee(atrained Librarian)to the newjob ofSecretary/Librarian oftheSeminary. She had three LibraryAssistants, oneofwhom was later appointed to the Library of an American Theological Seminary.

In 1994, I did not preach very much — because of all the many duties which immediately devolved upon me after the sudden murder of my father and the simultaneous permanent hospitalization of my mother in South Africa (see later below in this chapter). But I did complete a legal analysis of the famous Mabo cases (on Aboriginal Land Rights). At the Queensland State Assembly, it was noted that its Public Questions Committee had "forwarded a copy of the Position Paper on Common Law and Land Rights (Mabo) by Rev. Professor Dr. F.N. Lee" to "the General Assembly of Australia Church and Nation Committee."

In September I flew to South Africa, in order to help wind up my deceased father's estate. There, I had the great joy of seeing my incapacitated mother — and of leading my father's murderer to Christ in jail (see the next chapter).

From South Africa I flew on to England, where I preached for the British Reformed Fellowship in London's Orange Chapel (on Matthew 28:19-20). Then, on to Atlanta — where I expounded the Lord's Prayer for a week at Chalcedon Presbyterian Church.

I also preached at the Covenant Community Church in Georgia. While there, my friend Rev. Dr. Dick Bacon of Dallas drove me to and from my friend Rev. Dr. Morton Smith's Greenville Theological Seminary in South Carolina — where I lectured on Paedocommunion. Then, from Atlanta, I flew back (by way of CharlestonandLosAngeles)toAustralia–where I preached our Theological College's Graduation Sermon on First Corinthians 9:16b.

– 94 –

In 1995, I preached for the Creation Science Foundation on Genesis 1:1. I also preached at Caboolture and Morayfield. However, anticipating my retirement at the end of 1999 when I would turn 65, I shed much of my non-job-related work on various Church Committees — and began to concentrate instead on writing various theological treatises.

For most of 1996, I again did not preach very much. But in October, when my mother died, I flew to South Africa and preached in her Dutch Reformed Church in Barrydale (from Revelation 14:13) at her funeral — and later also from Revelation 22:1-5.

While there, I also preached in the historic Dutch Reformed Church in Swellendam (on Revelation 7) — and on Hebrews 13:3a, to prisoners in the jail in Swellendam where I had first visitedmyfather'smurdererin 1994 (seethenextchapter). Blessedly,Ialso preached on Psalm 92 —  to the retired folk in Swellendam's Dutch Reformed Church's Old Age Home.

For from the murder of my father in 1994 until her own death in 1996, my invalided mother had lived first in the Swellendam Hospital and then in the D.R.C.'s Tomlinson Old Age Home. Right after I preached in that Home, very many ofits old residents cameup and thanked me not only for my sermon — but particularly for my own mother's final testimony there.

I was stunned, because my 88-year-old mother had suffered from Alzheimer's disease. Yet the old people in the Home told me how even in her last days on Earth, they had seen her being wheeled out each day onto the verandah — fiercely clinging to her Bible. It was the one I had bought for her and given her after I led her to Christ in 1958.

Why did she so cling to her Bible, till the end of her earthly life? She could no longer read! Yet she remembered she had promised me when I had given her the Bible, back in 1958, that she would consult it every day for the rest of her life. So in her last days she had kept her promise by tearing one page out of her Bible each day on that verandah — and then eating it, a page each day, in full view of the other old folk, just like the Apostle John in Revelation 10:9.

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