Adventures With God – Part 1 (Autobiography)

"(1) An encyclopedic understanding of God's Word and God's World; (2) a courageous and zealous determination to make the Gospel known in all its ramifications to all mankind; (3)

– 59 –

a warm and vibrant Christian spirituality and consistent devotiontothelivingGodthat makes him an example of what daily communion with Christ really means. The Triune God is in all his thoughts….

"There are few men alive who have had the influence on my life he has. Frankly, for our sakes,I regret his leaving our country. But foryoursakes,I rejoice. Forhewill beyourshining light and humble servant.

"My congregation, Chalcedon Presbyterian Church, appreciates his ministry as well. Many of our families have several of his books and booklets, and have read them. He has played a definite role in the development of this fast-growing church.

"I commend to you with a sense ofprivilege and great pleasure,myfriend and teacher, Dr. Francis Nigel Lee. My emotional state, as I write these words, reminds me of the Elders in Acts 20:36-38 whom Paul left behind. Pro Rege, Joseph C. Morecraft III. Minister of the Gospel."

Joe's kind feelings for me are entirely reciprocated — even as I write these words 25 years later, in 2005. I left behind me in the U.S.A. one of the best friends I ever had — or anyone may ever wish to have. Several times from Australia, I considered re-emigrating to the U.S.A., chiefly with the intention of there renewing my undying friendship with Joe.

After leaving Atlanta, Dr. Gary North's Personal Assistant Dave Bonner met my plane at Dallas Airport, in order to drive me to Tyler Texas. I had never before met Dave — yet had by correspondenceand phone callsyearsearlierarrangedforhim tomeet inChicagotheladywhom Irecommended he date and who subsequently became his wife(Mary). Still deliriously happy, they insisted in hosting me for part of my time in Tyler while en route to Australia.

During my time in Texas, I stayed in the home of Dr. Gary North. I was shown warm hospitalityalso by JamesB.Jordan,(thelaterBishop)RaySutton, and many others. At Geneva Divinity School, I videotaped many lectures on The Eschatology of Victory from Adam to the Afrikaners, and on Daniel's Eschatology. I also preached in WestminsterPresbyterian Church, where I sadly had the misfortune to see a Deacon at a Communion Service pour alcoholic wine down the throat of a baby aged one-and-a-half-years. That later resulted in my Ed.D. dissertation Catechism Before Communion!  — against such practices.

Verymemorablein Tyler, was my contact there with the biologist Dr. Vincent Brach. He ran a "black widow spider farm" in a shed in his own back yard — producing webthreads spun for use as crosshairs in the sights of weapons fortheU.S. Militia, worth more than $50 per inch! Dr. Brach also had a collection of poisonous Australian shellfish shells, and warned me against especially the blue octopusses on the beaches Down Under!

On December 31st, Dave Bonner drove me from Tyler to Dallas and put me on a plane to Los Angeles.   Thence, just after midnight, on January 1st 1981 I left the U.S. for Australia.

The timing was providential. I had then been employed altogether for just over ten years full-time in the U.S.A. (1967-69 & 1973-80). From New Year's Day 1981, I was about to start a new life Down Under in Australia.   Truly, God is good, and His ways past finding out!

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