Adventures With God – Part 1 (Autobiography)

HumanistsflewinevenfromSwedenandSwitzerland. Mobstriedto burn downthefront door of the Governor's Mansion. Many Baptists supported him, but very many humanists opposed him.   In his distress, he turned to his Personal Secretary and said: "What shall I do?"

SueTullyreplied: "Governor, here'satractwritten by myPastoronthesubject.He asked me to give it to you."   It was my publication Christianity on the Death Penalty.

TheGovernor readit,thentold herwithwordstothiseffect: "Thatsettlesit,Sue.I'llhave the murderer put to death, regardless of the consequences."

NextSunday,theMinisterofoneoftheliberalchurchesinTallahasseesaidfromhispulpit that the Governor's hand was red — `murderously'dripping with blood. But I then said from my pulpit I wanted to shake the Governor's hand. The criminal's mother went on TV and denounced the Governor for shedding the blood of her `innocent'son — but was strangely quiet about the blood of the truly-innocent co-ed her sentenced and condemned son had shed.

To the glory of God, the criminal was then executed. I was grateful I myself had helped re-establish America's historical death penalty, as required by theWord ofGod(Genesis9:6).

Rev. Charles Dunahoo, the PCA's Director of Christian Education, once had me as the Chief Speaker at the PCA's National Family Camp at Covenant College. It was great meeting many other families there — and with them visiting the Confederate Battlefield at Chickamauga and viewing the historic Chattanooga Choo-Choo. Our family was at other times able to visit also Disneyworld and Seaworld in Orlando — and Six Flags over Georgia in Atlanta.

Wewere also visited in Tallahasseeby Professorand Mrs. AbrahamKrielofStellenbosch — and by Transvaal Provincial Council Member Paul Kruger and his wife. The latter were

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personally acquainted with my friend Rev. Dr. Andries Treurnicht, who then looked like becoming the next Prime Minister of South Africa — and who then wrote me a letter about my possibly returning there.

But the most important visitor we then received in Florida, was Rev. Dr. Kyle Barr — the President of Graham Bible College (in Bristol Tennessee). I had spoken there several times in the past, and he now urged me to relocate there and to become its Academic Dean.

Now just before Dr. Barr unexpectedly visited us in Tallahassee toward the end of 1979, it happened I chanced to see an advertisement in Christianity Today. It invited expressions of interest in the vacant position of Professor of Systematic Theology at the reconstituted Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Brisbane Australia, effective January 1981. When it added that applicants "must subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith," I said to myself: "That's me!"

So I then immediately applied for the job — though never for one moment thinking any Non-Australian would get appointed. As it was, theSearch Committee sure took its time — and did not even finalize its recommendations to the Queensland General Assembly till May 1980. Furthermore, when I then told my neighbour from New Zealand across the road from my home in Tallahassee that I had just applied for a job in Australia — he told me I was insane, because "Aussiesare a reallycrudebunch." Iputhisremarksdowntosourgrapes; told himIhadmerely applied for the job; and was unlikely even to get considered for it!

Indeed, Dr. Barr then arrived in Tallahassee, and started pleading with me before the end of 1979 to come and help GrahamBibleCollege effectiveJanuary 1980. So, aftermuch prayer, I approached the Session of Wildwood and the Gulf Coast Presbytery about this. They honourably discharged me, and I transferred my Membership to Tennessee's Westminster Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Several of Graham's Students then came down to Tallahassee to move us to Bristol. Among them was James Bordwine, who later became a PCA Minister in Washington State and wrote an excellent doctoral dissertation about the role of women in the Church. Interestingly, that very matter would later get me myself dragged into litigation in Australia. But the discussion of that episode, shall have to wait for a subsequent chapter below.

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