Adventures With God – Part 1 (Autobiography)

                (Rev. Barrister Dr.) Francis Nigel Lee,                       Professor-Emeritus of the Queensland Presbyterian Theological College,                              Brisbane, Australia.   2005.

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Introduction           p.    2

Table of Contents      p.    3

My Ancestry          p.    4

Early Years in England                                                                                 p.    7

Growing up in South Africa                                                       p.  10

University and Conversion                                 p.  15

Postgraduate Studies in Theology and Philosophy                                                           p.  19

Marriage and Family                                               p.  23

First Trip Overseas as an Adult                                   p.  27

Teaching Philosophy in America         p.  31

Ministry Back in South Africa                                                                             p.  34

First Round-the-World Lecture Tour                             p.  38

Emigrating from Winterton R.S.A. to Washington U.S.A.  p.  42

The Call from Bristol Tennessee to Brisbane Australia       p.  53

Settling Down Permanently Down Under                                                p.  60

The Remarkable Years of Our Lord A.D. 1985 to 1991f                  p.  70

Unsuccessfully Sued for Helping Stop Women's Ordination                    p.  81

Other Adventures with God from 1992 to 2000                                p.  92

Leading Dad's Murderer and his Parents to Christ and helping them till Mid-2000         p. 105

2001f Retirement Down Under into Hopefully a Long Twilight                   p. 120

About the Author                              p. 127

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My Ancestry

God my Father elected me in His Son through His Spirit. Long before time began, I was part of His plan.   Indeed, in the last analysis, that can be my only claim to fame.

Adam and Eve were my first human forebears. Unfortunately, they made the wrong choice. As a result, all of their descendants save One became besmirched. That One is the Second Adam, Jesus Christ, my spiritual Older Brother.

Of my nearer ancestors, not too much is known. On my father's side, our first-known ancestor in England was a French Knight called Joule who is believed to have invented some kind of pendulum-clock.   He invaded Britain with King William the Conqueror in 1066.

Among hisdescendantsinLancashire,wasthefamous scientistJamesPrescottJoule,after whom that unit of heat called the "joule" was named. His close relative was Benjamin Joule, whose granddaughter Elizabeth Ann Gaskell — a Methodist — was my great-grandmother.

She married my great-grandfather George Jameson. Hewas thefourth of eleven children born to Thomas Jameson and Hannah Taylor Jameson.

George Jameson and Elizabeth Ann Gaskell Jameson had thirteen children, of whom Elizabeth (my Grandmother)was the sixth. Shelatermarried William LeeofLondon, and then emigratedtoSouthAfricajustaftertheAnglo-BoerWar. There,myfatherSydneyand his sister Doris were born (in East London within the Cape of Good Hope's Eastern Province).

Some ofmy nearerancestors werebankers. Other relativeswerepotterymerchants. One built a cinema (the Palladium).   Two were Protestant preachers.

Only one relative is known to be famous. It seems my great-grandmother Elizabeth Ann Gaskell Jameson's cousin was Sir Rowland Hill, "the originator of the penny postage system." Heis"knownforhisdevelopmentofthemodern postalservicesubsequentlyadoptedthroughout the World."   Thus the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Micropaedia, Chicago, 1974, V:45.

My mother's ancestors were all working-class people. Her great-grandparents were ironmongers,and her fatherFrancisHenrySmith(mymaternalgrandfather)wasarailwayticket clerk.   Most of my immediate forebears were very commonplace but respectable folk.

Though my Grandmother Lee's father was once a powerful Preacher, she herself was a simple domestic Servant — and her husband, a gentleman's valet. My Elder Brother, to be mentioned shortly below, was a humble Carpenter — though Christians assert He also manufacturedthewholeUniverse! As thegreatpoetJohnMilton oncewrote: "They also serve, who only stand and wait."

MyGrannieLee'snephewsEllwoodandTowersemigratedtotheU.S.A.,andIoncespoke to one of their descendants in Rhode Island. Another of her nieces, Alice, moved to Tasmania. And my Grannie's own children, when married adults, moved back to South Africa (where they had been born before being raised in England).

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