Catabaptism in the Presbyterian Church in America

However, in point of fact, "Matthew and Luke relate the baptism episode [of Jesus] in full agreement….   The Holy Spirit came upon Jesus….   The Father testified to His Sonship….   So distinct are the three Personalities of the Godhead pictured there, that – were it not for other sources of information — we might be led into the heresy of tritheism."   Such other sources of information as the triune Numbers 6:24-27 and Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and Matthew 28:19, however, condemn tritheism too and clearly imply only trinitarianism.

"Jesus was an out-and-out Trinitarian….   The final great command of our Lord to baptize in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit is found in the choicest ancient manuscripts, Codex Sinaiticus included….   Liberalistic religion carries in its bosom the germ of death….   The moment it becomes 'liberal' it begins to degrade into a mere philosophy."   Unquote Verkuyl.

It was unitarianizing American Congregationalism which poisoned Charles Taze Russell, who later founded the Watchtower Society (as the immediate forerunner of the 'New World Society' of the modern so-called "Jehovah's witnesses").   According to Russell:767 "The doctrine of the Trinity…is a tool of Satan….   It is based upon a superstitious fear inculcated by the Roman clergy, and later also by the Protestant clergy, under the threat that whoever denies the Trinity is taking a straight road to eternal torture."

The Jehovah witnesses’ 1943 'New World Society' book The Truth Shall Make You Free alleges768 quite brazenly that "the trinity of gods…appears as a teaching of pagan religions…long before its adoption by the religionists of so-called 'Christendom.'"   Their 1958 publication From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained, shows how to repudiate the Christian Trinity — namely, by submitting to the different 'baptism' of the "Jehovah's witnesses."

It explains:769 "By being dipped right down under the water and by being raised up again, you show that you are dying to your former course of life….   God is pleased to have…all people who want to receive his blessings, to dedicate their lives to him and to be baptized."

Deliberately depersonalizing the Holy Spirit by referring to Him with small letters (as if an 'it'), the text continues: "What does it mean to be baptized 'in the name of the Father


and of the Son and of the holy spirit'?    It means that you accept the heavenly Father as the supreme God who is to be worshiped and obeyed."

Now this great god they call "Father" (and "Jehovah"), is believed by Jehovah's witnesses to be antecedent to and way above and different from their other and lesser created god that they call the "Son" of that Father Jehovah.  "To be baptized," continues the Jehovah's witnesses' book Paradise Lost, "means that you accept Christ Jesus as Jehovah's Son [but do not accept Him as Jehovah Himself]….   And it means that you believe that the holy spirit is the invisible [and impersonal] active force by which the heavenly Father carried out his will" — not, from everlasting and unto for ever, the Eternal Person of the Eternal Holy Spirit through Whom the Eternal Father and the Eternal Son act trinitarianly.

For the Jehovah witnesses’s “Father” they call “Jehovah” was a ‘Non-Father’ before Genesis 1:1 and changed into “the Father” only when he allegedly ‘created’ his Son -yet Malachi 3:6 states: “I am Jehovah; I do not change.”   Their “Son” is a creature, and not the Bible’s “Son” Who is Himself “God” and also “the God” (John 1:1 & 20:28).  Their “spirit” is neither God nor personal, and is not the Bible’s eternal Holy Spirit Whom they vex (Isaiah 63:10f & Hebrews 9:14).   Their “Jehovah” is not the true Jehovah-Jesus of Scripture — not God at all, but an idol they have made.

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