Catabaptism in the Presbyterian Church in America

In his Letter to Lee of January 26th 1984, Dr. Thompson related the above train of events.    He then added: "I received yesterday a reply from Bogue.   I like him!    See, attached also, a copy of his letter [item 5 above].   In brief, I answered him as follows.”682 [Here Dr. Thompson related to Dr. Lee the contents of the former’s Letter to Dr. Bogue January 25th 1984, as previous related in this dissertation.]683

Dr. Thompson then made a request to Dr. Lee.   Urged the former:684 "What I need, if you would have additional comments, is a critique [of Dr. Thompson's answers to Dr.


Bogue], or more ammunition…which you may suggest….    In the meantime, I am preparing the Draft of a Minority Report" — to accompany the Majority Report of the Committee, for the General Assembly of the PCA.

We cite one last item in Dr. Thompson's January 26th 1984 Letter to Lee.   This item will later be seen to have quite some relevance — in the light of Rev. Dr. Bogue's subsequent Letter to Lee of September 27th 1990 together with its enclosures.

Prior to his translation to Australia at the end of 1980, Dr. Lee had himself been a Member of Dr. Thompson's own presbytery (Westminster, Tennessee).    Wrote Dr. Thompson to Dr. Lee on January 26th 1984: "Our Presbytery's Overture to the [PCA General] Assembly, to concur in our declaration of apostasy by the PCUSA, will not be adopted, I predict — probably by a 1/2 margin."

Dr. Lee's February 11th 1984 letter to Dr. Thompson

Dr. Thompson's Letter to Lee January 26th 1984 and the accompanying "packet" reached Dr. Lee in Australia on February 11th 1984.    On that very date, he immediately despatched the requested information to Dr. Thompson — by discussing seriatim Dr. Bogue's January 20th 1984 Letter to Dr. J.G. Thompson.685

Dr. Bogue had challenged Dr. Thompson:686 "Why don't you (or Nigel) speak to the issue?  I agree with most of what you say, except it all presupposes a true church!"   Dr. Lee now responded:687 "Thompson-Lee do not presuppose any really true church.   Westminster Confession 25:5!"

[Compare too earlier in the Westminster Confession: "The Visible Church…is also catholick or universal….    This catholick church hath been sometimes more, sometimes less visible.   And particular churches which are members thereof are more or less pure — according as the doctrine of the gospel is taught and embraced, ordinances administered, and publick worship performed more or less purely in them.

"The purest churches under heaven are subject both to mixture and error…. The Pope of Rome…is that antichrist…that exalteth himself in the church….    It belongeth to synods…to determine controversies of faith…, which decrees and determinations, if consonant to the Word of God, are to be received with reverence and submission….   All synods or councils since the apostles' times, whether general or particular, may err; and many have erred!"]688

Dr. Bogue had further told Dr. Thompson:689 "Exodus 4 is [= would be?] relevant, if Mr. and Mrs. Moses were not part of the true Church."    To this, Dr. Lee now responded:690 "Mr. & Mrs. Moses (Exodus 4:20-26) were part of a (sabbathdesecrating) Church" — which was, however, a sabbath-desecrating Church as well as a a sabbath-desecrating Church.   "Cf. Exodus 5:4-5 & 7:25 & 16:4-28.   So Exodus 4:24f, is germane."


Rev. Dr. Carl Bogue had then, as regards the relevance of Exodus 4:24f, told Dr. Thompson anent Calvin's Institutes (IV:15:16-17):691 "This 'confutes the error of the Donatists.'   But the issue is not heretics within a true church, but representatives of no true church."

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