Daily Devotions

The days of our years are seventy, and soon cut off!

Psalm 90:9-10

‘All our days have passed away!… We spend our years…. The days of our years are seventy…. If by reason of strength they be eighty, their strength is still labour and sorrow. For it is soon cut off, and we fly away!’ Psalm 90:9-10.

Calvin comments: “Moses, after having briefly taught that men by nature vanish away like smoke — gathers from thence that it is not to be wondered at, if God exanimates and consumes those whom He pursues with His wrath…. Moses intimates that men hide themselves in darkness….

“For all our days have passed away in Your indignation’…. The whole course of man’s life is suddenly brought to an end…. Moses…asserts that this…, which God brought upon His people, was not only for a short time — but that it was extended without intermission even to death…. Their years passed away….

“‘The days of our years are seventy’…. What…is the duration of life? Truly, if we reckon all our years, we will at length come to seventy. Or, if there be some who are stronger and more vigorous, they will bring us even to eighty.

“Moses used the expression ‘the days of our years’…. When the time is divided into small portions, the very number itself deceives us — so that we flatter ourselves that life is long…. He permits men to sum up the many thousand days, which are…few years…. He at the same time affirms that this great heap, is soon brought to nothing.

“Let men then extend the space of their life as much as they please, by calculating that each year contains 365 days! Yet assuredly, they will find that the term of seventy years is short….. (Even) he who has reached the age of eighty years, hastens to the grave…. Even then, those were accounted old men and in a manner decrepit — who attained to the age of eighty years….

“Before men decline and come to old age, even in the very bloom of youth they are involved in many troubles…. This is to be referred to the whole course of our existence in the present state….

“He who considers what is the condition of our life from our infancy until we descend into the grave, will find troubles and turmoil in every part of it…. ‘For it swiftly passes by, and we fly away!’….

“As soon as they open their eyes, they see that they are dragged and carried forward to death with rapid haste…. Their excellence is every moment vanishing away!”

Calvin also says in his Institutes III:4:34: “Moses says…’We are consumed…. All our days have passed away…. We spend our years!’…. Psalm 90:7-9.”

The days of our years are seventy, and soon cut off! So, once again — repent now!