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God Triune, at the beginning, created the tri-universe. Gen. 1:1

God Triune in the Beginning - and for the 21st Century [HTML]  [PDF]

Dr. Lee's paintings of creation week.

About the author

Photograph of Dr Lee   Photograph of Dr Lee

In September 2011, Dr Lee was diagnosed with incurable Motor Neurone Disease, alias Amytropic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease.

At 7.50 am Friday 23rd December, 2011, Nigel Lee was taken peacefully to his Lord.

(There are other works of Dr Lee which will be added to this Web site in the future.)

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TitleFormatDate addedSize
The Repudiation of Anabaptism by the Dutch Ex-Anabaptist Leader Obbe PhilipsHTML  12k
An Abridgement of Dr. N. Lee's Holy Harvests
[See below for the unabridged version.]
HTML  16k
The Sins of Adult Rebaptism and of Leaving One's Babies UnbaptisedHTML  7k
Tongues at Corinth: Languages, not Ecstasies!HTML  101k
The Sovereignty of God In the Salvation of My Father's Slayer
(at Blue Banner)
HTML  10k
The Anabaptists and their StepchildrenHTML  10k
Antichrist in Scripture (at Blue Banner)HTML 27 August 1997 
John's Revelation Unveiled - image of book cover.IMAGE  71k
John's Revelation Unveiled
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HTMLPDF26 December 19991.5M
John's Revelation Unveiled - Selected Bibliography PDF26 December 1999250k
Brothers Because of BloodshedHTML 5 March 200088k
Sprinkling is ScripturalHTMLPDF11 March 2000325k
Always Victorious! The Earliest Church not Pre- but PostmillennialHTMLPDF19 March 2000113k
Quarterly Communion at Biblical Seasons AnnuallyHTMLPDF29 January 2001 [R]129k
God Saves the World! (Song)HTML & MIDI 24 April 200013k
St. Patrick's Early Morning Hymn (Song)HTML & MIDI 25 April 20006k
Calvin on the Weekly Christian SabbathHTMLPDF7 May 200040k
Rev. Dr. John Owen Re-Presbyteri-anizedHTMLPDF7 May 2000316k
The Non-Preterist Historicism of John Calvin and the Westminster StandardsHTMLPDF16 November 2000107k
The Covenantal SabbathHTML 21 May 2001 
200 Theses Against Transubstantiation (replaces Fifty Five...)HTMLPDF11 March 2002 [R]547k
Battle Hymn of the Christian Church (Song)HTML & MIDI 11 June 200017k
Dixie resurrected (Song)HTML & MIDI 11 June 20008k
What Does the Book of Revelation Mean?HTMLPDF13 August 2000170k
What Does the Book of Revelation Mean? (paginated for printing as a booklet) PDF10 September 2000170k
Calvin on IslamHTMLPDF13 August 2000116k
The man of Sin in Second ThessoloniansHTMLPDF13 August 2000111k
Daniel's EschatologyHTMLPDF13 August 2000210k
Christocracy and the Divine Savior's Law for all MankindHTMLPDF21 August 2000165k
God Triune in the Beginning - and for the 21st CenturyHTMLPDF3 September 2000217k
Dr. Lee's paintings of creation week.HTML 10 September 2000 
Abraham Kuyper and the rebirth of true knowledgeHTMLPDF10 September 2000126k
King Alfred the Great and Our Common LawHTMLPDF15 September 2000223k
John's Historicistic EpistlesHTMLPDF16 September 2000215k
The Historical Roots of the Australian ConstitutionHTMLPDF21 September 2000144k
Excerpt from Rebaptism Impossible! (Acts 19:1-7)HTMLRTF7 October 200048k
The baptism of John and the fiery believer ApollosHTMLRTF7 October 200022k
The Christian Foundations of AustraliaHTMLPDF7 October 2000232k
Women and Church EldershipHTMLPDF7 October 200070k
Biblical Ministries for WomenHTMLPDF7 October 200056k
Luther on Islam and the PapacyHTMLPDF22 October 2000444k
Calvin on the PapacyHTMLPDF26 October 2000701k
Calvinism on the Holy SpiritHTMLPDF5 November 2000375k
Table of CommandmentsHTMLPDF8 November 200011k
Calvin on the LawHTMLPDF12 November 2000575k
Islam in the BibleHTMLPDF12 November 2000298k
Daily Family WorshipHTMLPDF3 December 20001,387k
The Christian AfrikanersHTMLPDF21 May 2001705k
Biblical Predictions not Preterist but Historicist (2nd Ed.)HTMLPDF12 March 2001 [R]367k
The Olivet Discourse and The Destruction of Jerusalem in ProphecyHTMLPDF17 December 200098k
Tiny Human Life [opens another page showing the contents]  22 January 2001 
The Biblical Theory of Christian Education (3rd Edition)HTMLPDF12 March 2001 [R]170k
Summary against PaidocommunionHTMLPDF12 February 20019k
Calvin on the Validity of 'Romish' BaptismHTMLPDF12 March 2001719k
Catabaptism in the Presbyterian Church in AmericaHTMLPDF12 March 2001411k
Biblical Presbyterian EldershipHTMLPDF19 March 200143k
Biblical Presbyterian PresbyteriesHTMLPDF19 March 200132k
Holy HarvestsHTMLPDF18 June 2001446k
Rev. Dr. Andrew Murray -- Calvinist, or Pentecostalist?HTMLPDF18 June 2001215k
Mount Sinai and the Sermon on the MountHTMLPDF24 September 2001287k
Baptism Does Not Regenerate!HTMLPDF7 January 20021.1MB
Man's Origin and DestinyHTML soon!PDF21 January 2002950k
Miracles and Pseudo MiraclesHTML soon!PDF18 February 20026MB
Baby Belief Before Baptism [opens another page showing the contents]  15 April 2002 
6th-Century Christian Britain from King Arthur to Rome's AustinHTMLPDF2 December 2002300KB
The Godly Life of John CalvinHTMLPDF2 December 2002114KB
Have You Been Neglecting Your Baby?HTMLPDF27 January 200370KB
What About Baptism?HTMLPDF27 January 2003141KB
Jerusalem; Rome; Revelation - John's Apocalypse written before 70 A.D. PDF8 December 20031.2MB
Life and Works - God's Creation Covenant with Adam PDF25 March 20042MB
Are the Mosaic Laws for Today? PDF12 July 2004707KB
Dying Saved in Infancy: Are Any Dying Babies Lost? [opens another page showing the contents]  12 July 2004 
Did God Die on Calvary? PDF12 July 200464KB
God Didn't Die on the Cross PDF12 July 200453KB
What Penalty for Child-molesting and Rape? PDF2 August 20041.2MB
Calvin versus Child Communion PDF2 August 2004795KB
John Calvin - True Presbyterian PDF2 August 2004380KB
Bible and Qur’an: The Reliability of the Original Bible and the Original Qur’an PDF2 August 2004390KB
Luther on God's Law PDF2 August 2004590KB
White South Africa's Total Depravity PDF2 August 2004104KB
What Really Happened?: The Severe Limitations of Most Histories! PDF2 August 2004116KB
Calvinist Critique of 2003 "Auburn Affirmation" PDF2 August 2004741KB
God Triune in the Holy Bible PDF2 August 2004889KB
"I Own and Accept...": The Presbyterian Ordination Vow PDF2 August 2004695KB
The Covenantal Home Life of Rev. Matthew Henry PDF2 August 2004115KB
Paedocommunionism versus Protestantism PDF2 August 20041.6MB
More Than One Archangel? - Who is "The Angel of the Lord"? PDF2 August 200449KB
Adventures With God (F.N. Lee's Autobiography) Part 1
Part 2
 PDF12 December 2005527KB
 PDF 667KB
Pentecostalism: New Outpouring - or Ancient Heresy? Foreword
Part 2
 PDF12 December 2005208KB
 PDF 812KB
JeHoVaH, YaHWeH, and the Lord-Jesus: A study in the history of doctrine anent Godís name JHVH PDF12 December 20051.4MB
Holy Scripture's Holy Spirit! PDF12 December 2005906KB
The Westminster Confession and Modern Society PDF16 July 2007114KB
Calvin on Worship PDF16 July 2007157KB
Ante-Nicene Trinitarianism PDF16 July 200767KB
Calvin versus Idolatory PDF8 August 200853KB
Who Is "The (Arch)Angel of the Lord"? PDF7 September 200857KB
Common Law: Roots and Fruits
Roots of Common Law in Biblical, Iro-Scotic, Brythonic & English Jurisprudence Ė and Some of their Fruits in Great Britain, the United States, and Australia
  2 March 2009 
Nationality, Race and Intermarriage PDF8 November 2009148KB
Review of Rushdoony's Institutes of Biblical Law PDF12 February 201026KB
Sunbeams at Sunsets (Support from Scripture for oneís latter days) PDF24 September 20112.5MB
Let Us Pray [Sent by Dr Lee on 26 Nov 2011, with the note, "Probably my last writing; it took a month to write it, writing very slowly!"] PDF23 December 2011328 KB
The Roots & Fruits of Islam [Dr Lee's final production, sent on 14 Dec 2011, just 9 days before his death] PDF23 December 201156 KB

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