Daily Devotions

Abraham died in a good old age

Genesis 25:7-10

‘These are the days of the years of Abraham’s life which he lived, 175 years. Then Abraham gave up his spirit, and died in a good old age, an old man and full of years, and was gathered to his people. And his sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the cave of Machpelah…. There was Abraham buried, and Sarah his wife.’ Genesis 25:7-10

Calvin commented: Moses now bring us down to the death of Abraham…. Notice concerning his age…the number of years during which he lived as a pilgrim…. He deserves the praise of wonderful and incomparable patience, for having wandered through the space of a hundred years while God led him about in various directions. Contented, both in life and death, with the bare promise of God….

“Moses expressly shows that the Lord had fulfilled His promise. ‘You shall die in a good old age!’ For although he fought a hard and severe battle, yet his consolation was neither light nor small. Because he knew that, amidst so many sufferings, his life was the object of divine care.

“But if this sole looking to God sustained him through his whole life, amidst the most boisterous waves, amidst many bitter griefs, amidst tormenting cares, and in short an accumulated mass of evils — let us also learn that we may not become weary in our course to rely on this support…. The Lord has promised us a happy outcome of life and one truly far more glorious than that of our father Abraham!

‘Then Abraham gave up his spirit’…. The father of the faithful was not exempt from the common lot of men…. Our minds may not languish, when the outward man is perishing…. By meditating on that renovation which is laid up as the object of our hope, we may with tranquil minds permit this frail tabernacle to be dissolved. There is therefore no reason why a feeble emaciated body, failing eyes, tremulous hands, and the lost use of all our members — should so dishearten us that we should not hasten, after the example of our father, with joy and alacrity to our death….

“Abraham…would ‘die in a good old age, and satisfied with life’…. The chief part of a good old age, consists in a good conscience and in a serene and tranquil mind…. What God promises to Abraham, can only apply to those who truly cultivate righteousness…. A good hope, is the nutriment of old age…. It is godliness which causes a good old age to attend us even to the grave, because faith is the preserver of a tranquil mind….

‘He was full of days’…. He did not desire a prolongation of life…. ‘And (Abraham) was gathered to his people’…. The state of our future life…be pointed out in this form of expression…. Understand by it, that mankind are associate together in death, as well as in life…. To be gathered to his fathers…would be inconsistent with fact, if human life vanished and men were reduced to annihilation (at death)…. The Scripture…shows that another state of life remains after death!”

‘Abraham died in a good old age…. And his sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him.’