Daily Devotions

How Christ had to suffer before entering into His glory

Luke 24:26

‘”Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into His glory?!… It behoved Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead…, and…repentance and remission of sins…be preached in His name among all nations!… And you are witnesses of these things!”‘ Luke 24:26,46-48.

Calvin comments: “Our (risen) Lord discoursed…about the office of Messiah as it is described by the Prophets…. Christ explained at great length that He had been sent…so that He might expiate by the sacrifice of His death the sins of the world.” After thus suffering, Christ was preparing to enter into His glory — to “enter into His Kingdom!… Christ is King!…

“Christ is made know to us, through the Gospel. It is when light is thrown on the knowledge of Him by the Law and the Prophets…. Never was there a more able…Teacher…than our Lord Himself…. He borrows from the Law and the Prophets the proof of His doctrine….

“In order that Christ may be made known to us through the Gospel, it is therefore necessary that Moses and the Prophets should go before — as guides, to show us the way…. Fanatics…, by suppressing the Law and the Prophets, wickedly mutilate the Gospel — as if God intended that any testimony which He had ever given respecting His Son, should become useless!… Fanatics…take
upon themselves the liberty of despising the Scriptures…. Christ…by His Spirit…guides us to understand the Scriptures — and does not hurry us away into the idle raptures of enthusiasm….

“‘He said to them, ‘Thus it is written!’… When the Spirit of Christ Who is the inward Teacher performs His office, the labour of the Minister who speaks is not thrown away…. The words of Christ…are founded on this principle: ‘Whatever is written, must be fulfilled — for God declared nothing by His Prophets, but what He will undoubtedly accomplish’…. By these words we are…taught what it is that we ought chiefly to learn from the Law and the Prophets…. Since Christ is the end and the soul of the Law (Romans 10:4), whatever we learn without Him and apart from Him is idle and unprofitable….

“Christ here places first in order, His death and resurrection…. For whence come repentance and forgiveness of sins, but because our old man is crucified with Christ (Romans 6:6) so that by His grace we may rise to newness of life?…. He teaches therefore that in His death and resurrection, we ought to seek the cause and grounds of our salvation…. The grace of the redemption brought by Him, extends alike to all nations…. The Prophets had frequently predicted the calling of the Gentiles…. ‘And you are witnesses of these things!'”

Calvin also says in his Institutes III:3:19 & IV:17:32: “He said that He behoved ‘to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day, and that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name among all nations’…. Christ was received into the glory of the heavenly Kingdom, so as to be exalted above all the circumstances of the world (Luke 24:26,46)…. The immortality of our flesh…is now quickened by His immortal flesh!” Christ had to suffer — before entering His glory!