Daily Devotions

Jesus could not decompose, and was resurrected from death!

Acts 13:33-38

‘God…raised up Jesus…, as…is…written in the second Psalm…. He raised Him up from the dead, no more to return to corruption. He said…”I will give You the sure mercies of David!”… He says also in another Psalm, “You shall not permit Your Holy One to see corruption!”… David, after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell asleep and was laid unto his fathers and saw corruption. But He Whom God raised again, saw no corruption!” Acts 13:33-38.

Calvin comments: “Christ rose from the dead…to fulfil the rĂ´le of Messiah…. In sending His Son into the world, God sustained the promise given to His servants long before….

“In the second Psalm…, Paul suitably adapts the testimony…to the present situation…. David…was a figure of the true Messiah…. In his person, there were foreshadowed for us those things which apply in fullness only to the Messiah…. It…applies to…a profounder prophecy!…

“Kings are indeed generally called ‘sons of God’ (Psalm 82:6). But since it is God’s purpose to prefer David to other kings…, this title of honour is pre-eminently ascribed to him above all others…. It was out of regard for Christ whose image he (David) was, that he is distinguished…as if he were His only-begotten Son…. It was openly known at that time, that he was begotten by God — since he ascended the throne of the kingdom in a wonderful way…and broke innumerable conspiracies by the power of the heavenly Spirit…. He could not reign, without bringing all the neighbouring nations to submission — as if in a kind of world conquest.

“Now let us come to Christ! Certainly, He did not come forth into the world without evidence to prove Himself the Son of God. For His glory was visible, as behoved the Only-begotten of the Father…. God begot Christ…. He engraved on Him certain marks by which He might be recognized as the true and express likeness of Himself…. Christ was manifested the Son of God in power, when He rose from the dead…. That was the principal proof of His heavenly perfection…. The resurrection was…the perfect and complete raising…. He then emerged as the Conqueror of death and the Lord of life….

“Paul teaches in Romans 6:9-10: ‘He dies no more, and death will have no more dominion!… He…entered into the Kingdom of God…, being alive for ever!… The perpetuity of life which the Father conferred on Him, is extended to…us and is ours!…

“David(‘s)…body was consumed with rottenness in the sepulchre…. David prophesied about Him (Christ)…. The godly go down into the pit on this condition, so that rottenness may…consume their bodies…. David and the rest of believers…will be conformed to their Head…. Yet…the Son of God alone will be totally free and immune from corruption…. The body of David lay in the grave, until he would rise again…. David died…. Corruption did not befall him by chance…. It happened by the providence of God, so that the faithful might know that the prophecy must be transferred to Another!”

For Jesus could not decompose, and was resurrected from death both for David and for us!