Daily Devotions

Remember, Christ was raised from the dead!

Second Timothy 2:8

‘Remember that Jesus Christ…was raised from the dead, according to my Gospel!… I endure all things for the elect’s sakes, so that they too may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory…. If we be dead with Him — we shall also live with Him!’ Second Timothy 2:8-11.

Calvin comments: “‘Remember Jesus!’… Hymenaeus and Philetus…were denying the resurrection, by holding falsely that it was already past…. Christ was born of the seed of David, and…He rose from the dead….. As far as the resurrection is concerned, how many have tried in so many different ways to overthrow our hope of it!…

“In the resurrection of Christ, we all have a sure pledge of our own. For he who confesses that Christ has risen, affirms also that we shall rise. For Christ has risen not for Himself, but for us…. Besides, in Christ’s resurrection — there is contained the completion of our redemption and salvation. For he (Paul) adds that it is resurrection ‘from the dead.’ Why? For what purpose?… Consider the effect and fruit of His death and His rising!…

“The Gospel can break through all the hindrances the world puts in its way…. Even if we are oppressed by the cruelty of the ungodly, nevertheless the Gospel is extended — and spread far and wide. All that they may attempt…, can only make it shine more clearly…. God’s truth breaks through, and spreads itself far and wide!… (Paul) shows…that his imprisonment…is in fact highly profitable to the elect…. He is ready not only to die, but even to be thought a criminal to promote the welfare of the Church!… It would confirm the godly, in faith….

“Our salvation is to live to God…. This begins with our regeneration, and is completed by our full liberation from the miseries of this mortal life when God takes us…into His Kingdom. To this salvation there is added a participation in…glory…. He (Paul) calls our salvation — eternal glory!…

“We must die, in order to live…. Death is the entrance into life…. The only way we can share Christ’s life and glory, is by sharing first His death…. Neither pains nor torments nor reproaches nor death should dismay us, seeing that we share them with Christ — and especially since all these things are the forerunners of our triumph….

“Paul put heart into all believers, to bear with a light heart the afflictions in which already they have a foretaste of future glory…. Where Christ is present, there is also life and blessedness. We must hold firmly to this fellowship we have with Christ, so that we do not die by ourselves but with Him — so that we may be the companions of His glory.”

Calvin also says in his Institutes III:5:4 & 15:8: “(Paul)…says: ‘I endure all things for the elect’s sakes, so that they too may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory’ (Second Timothy 2:10)…. ‘For if we be dead with Him, we shall also live with him!’ (Second Timothy 2:11).”

Remember, Christ was raised from the dead! Thus, you too will be! Are you ready?