Daily Devotions

Christ abolished death and brought immortality to light!

Second Timothy 1:10

‘Grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began…. But is now made manifest, by the appearing of our Saviour…Who has abolished death and has brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel!… For…which cause…I know Whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed to Him against that day!’ Second Timothy 1:9-12.

Calvin comments that Paul “calls the endless series of years from the foundation of the world, times eternal…before the times began to take their course from all past ages…. God has called us through the Gospel, not because He has suddenly taken thought for our salvation — but because He had so determined from all eternity. Christ has appeared for that salvation now…, because this grace was laid up for us in Him before the creation of the world….

“The reason why Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and all the godly obtained the same salvation as we do — was that they also placed their faith in Christ’s appearing…. He does not exclude the fathers from participation in it! For the same faith gives them a part with us in this appearing. Christ was yesterday the same as He is today (Hebrew 13:8)….

“‘(He) abolished death!’ In ascribing the manifestation of life to the Gospel, he (Paul) does not mean that it has its origin in the Word without reference to Christ’s death and resurrection…. He means…the only way in which the fruits of this grace can come to men, is through the Gospel….

“To life, he adds ‘immortality’ — as if he had said ‘true and immortal life’…. Take ‘life’ to mean regeneration, on which there follows a blessed immortality which is…the object of hope. For our life does not consist in what we have in common with the brute beasts, but rather in our participation in the image of God…. Since the true nature…of that life does not appear in this world, to explain it he has properly added immortality — which is the revelation of that life which now lies concealed.”

“‘For…which cause I also suffer these things!’… He (Paul) argues that there is nothing shameful in his imprisonment — from his hope of a happy outcome. The man who is armed with this defence, can overcome the greatest trials — whatever they may be!…. When he says that he is ‘not ashamed’ — he is by his example encouraging others to show the same courage!…

‘For I know Whom I have believed!’… The man who like Paul has this knowledge, will know by experience that our faith is rightly called the victory that overcomes the world…. Christ had good reason to say that ‘the gates of Hell shall not prevail (against it)! Matthew 16:18…. In the most desperate plight, we should glorify God — by not doubting that He will be true and faithful….

“Paul is not philosophizing in the dark, but — with the reality itself before his eyes — is solemnly declaring the great value of a confident assurance of eternal life…. Christ, in bidding us be confident, uses this argument: ‘The Father Who gave you to Me, is greater than all!’ (John 10:29). By this He means that we are in no danger, since the Lord Who has received us into His protection, is abundantly able to resist them all!” Christ abolished death, and brought immortality to light! Do you believe this?