Daily Devotions

God shall keep all your ways, lest you dash your foot!

Psalm 91:11

‘The Lord…shall deliver you!… You shall not be afraid of…the destruction that wastes!… You shall behold, and see the reward of the wicked!… No evil shall befall you, nor any plague come near your dwelling! For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways!’ Psalm 91:2-11.

Calvin comments: “God would prove, at all times, the delivery of His people…. (From) all different kinds of evil…, God is willing and able to deliver us….

“Mention is made of ‘the fear of the night’…. The ‘arrow’…is instanced…, for the reason…it shoots…with such swiftness that we can with difficulty escape it…. There is no kind of calamity which the shield of the Almighty cannot ward off and repel….

“The believer has the special privilege of being exempted from evils of an imminent and impending nature…. It might be objected that he was but man, and as such exposed with others to death in its thousand different forms…. When universal ruin prevails around, the Lord’s children are the objects of His distinguishing care — and are preserved amidst the general destruction!…

“It behoves us also to be satisfied with apprehending the judgments of God only in some imperfect measure while we remain upon Earth. And leaving Him to defer the fuller disclosure of them, to the Day of complete revelation.

“‘You, Lord, protect me!… (No evil shall befall you!… No plague…comes near you!)’…. He speaks of accounting God to be his…refuge…. He defends us from every evil…. It is added, ‘no evil shall befall you’…. How are coming evils averted?… Just by our resting with confidence in the protection of God!

“It is true troubles of various kinds assail the believer as well as others. But the Psalmist means that God stands between him and the violence of every assault, so as to preserve him from being overwhelmed…. Those who choose God for their refuge, will dwell safely….

“When…He finds that we still linger and hesitate to approach Him…, He next makes mention of the angels, and proffers them as guardians of our safely…. He does not assign one solitary angel to each saint, but commissions the whole armies of Heaven to keep watch over every individual believer…. The Psalmist adds ‘(in) all your ways’…, to convey to us…that wherever we go — we may expect that the angels shall always extend their guardianship to us!”

Calvin also adds in his Institutes I:17:11 & I:14:6: “Neither fire, nor water, nor sword can do him harm…. For thus sings the Psalm (91:3-7): ‘Surely, He shall deliver you!’…. Angels are the ministers of the divine bounty towards us…. We are told how they watch for our safety…. Christ, the Head of the Church…, ‘shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways!’ (Psalm 91:11f).” Lest you dash your foot against a stone! Do you so believe?