Daily Devotions

I will carry you from the womb to your old age when your hair is white!

Isaiah 46:4

‘Hearken to Me…, all the remnant of the house of Israel which are borne by Me from the belly, which are carried from the womb!… Even to your old age — I AM!… And even to hoar hairs (quite white), I will carry you! I have made, and I will bear! Even I will carry, and will deliver you!’ Isaiah 46:3-4.

Calvin comments: “The God of Israel…’carries’ His people like a mother who carries the child in her womb, and afterwards carries it in her bosom…. They actually felt that He bore them….

“He therefore makes use of a highly appropriate contrast, and concludes from the preceding statements: ‘Acknowledge that I am the true God!… For you have known and experienced My power by constant benefits which I have not ceased to confer upon you from the womb!’…

“God compares Himself to a mother who carries a child in her womb. He speaks of the past time, when He began to give them testimonies of His grace…. God kindly nourished that people, like an infant taken from its mother’s womb and carried…in His bosom….

“God did not only begin to act as the father and nurse of His people from the time when they were born, but also ‘begat them’ spiritually (James 1:18). I do not object to extending the words so far as to mean that they were brought as it were out of the bowels of God into a new life and the hope of an eternal inheritance….

“God, from the time that He begat them, gently carried and nourished them in His bosom…. God, Who has manifested Himself to be both their Father and their ‘Mother’ — will always assist them….

“He demands from them a hearing!… God bids them consider how wonderfully they have hitherto been preserved, so that they may not doubt that He will henceforth act towards them as He has hitherto acted the part of both father and mother…’even to old age!’….

“He argues thus: ‘I have begotten and brought you forth…. Even when you were little children, I carried you in My arms. And therefore, I will be the guardian of your life till the end!…

“He therefore promises that He will always be a Father…. We ought to cherish assured confidence of salvation from the time that the Lord has once begun it in us. For He wishes to continue His work, till the end….

“‘I AM — the same!… Even to old age!… I have made, and will carry!’… You did create us not only so that we might be human beings, but so that we might be Your children. And therefore You will continue till the end to exercise continually toward us the care of a father and of a mother!” For I will carry you from the womb — even to your old age, when your hair is white! You too?